Design for me is not a job, it is ART.

The character is the canvas from which the painting begins.
Each line of the script is a stoke of a brush that I incorporate with feeling into
the outfit

This passion comes from my love and respect for people, Humans from all
walks of life, cultures, tastes and ideas.

My free time is spent traveling, anywhere, everywhere, and learning fabric
of a person.. who they are when they wake up in the morning. What they
choose to put on their body when they get dressed. I am inspired by the
process of sharing the vision for each story through the decision making
process and the collaboration of working from concept to final cut.

Working closely with the Director, Cinematographer ,production designer,
make-up & hair design,,allowing for fluidity and movement which is
paramount with each critical step to discovering.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my love of design by
telling a story through each look;.getting lost in the details of designing
“A Costume”

Amanda is a member of the Costume Designers Guild 892 & resides on the
eastside of Los Angeles, California