about amanda

Costume Design is an opportunity to realize ART.

Each character is the canvas from which the painting begins. As a visual artist working with form, texture and color, taking in wisdom from nature and the world of scent, I aim to create what connects an actor/actress to the character that they become. Expression between dress and the human form becomes a synergetic dance that comes across on screen and develops. This passion was birthed from my insatiable love and respect for people, human beings from all walks of life, cultures, tastes and ideas. In preparation for my journey in the field of Costume Design, I studied at FIDM in Los Angeles with a degree in Fashion Design. The training of garment construction and fabric has truly guided my practice as a designer. I grew up in a small community, surrounded by trees and wild open spaces. I allowed this to be an accessible and responsive canvas of internal imagery and play. A tangible peek at the living spirit that embodies art & beauty.

My free time is spent traveling and inhaling all that I find beautiful, observing the outside world, and learning the simple fabric of a person. I study who they are when they wake up in the morning, what they choose to put on their body when they get dressed and what drives these choices.

I admire the work of each department, with an openness to collaboration. I take time to meditate on input from the writers & directors to cinematographer & production designer. I desire to be apart of each step with influence on make-up & hair design, allowing for fluidity and movement which is a critical step in the unfolding of every calculated look.

I am inspired by the process of sharing my vision for each project from concept to final cut, reaching back into history to help inform current and future aspects of storytelling through costumes.

Member of the Costume Designers Guild 892 & AFCCA Paris, France.

Amanda is based in Paris, France